UJ Residence Application 2019/2020

UJ Residence Application for 2019/2020 UJ Residence Application 2019/2020 Important information For first time applicants, first complete the academic application process and use your student/reference number to complete the residence application as indicated below. Please click here for more information on student accommodation and residence life. Once you have been academically admitted at the University in … Read moreUJ Residence Application 2019/2020

Financing your Studies @ UJ 2019/2020

Financing your Studies @ UJ 2019/2020 Financing your Studies @ UJ 2019/2020 Introduction Studying at a tertiary institution is an expensive endeavor which requires careful planning. It is only a lucky few who can lean on their parents to cover their tuition. The majority of prospective students have to find other means to fund their … Read moreFinancing your Studies @ UJ 2019/2020

Time Managements Strategies @ UJ

Time Managements Strategies 6 simple strategies for optimising your time STRATEGY #1 CREATE a CONTEXT (reason) FOR MANAGING your TIME by setting clear goals. My goals for Semester 1: Academic: ……………. Personal: …………….. STRATEGY #2 MAKE YOUR TIME VISIBLE on 3 levels: DAILY: Invest in a diary or desk calendar (For due dates and to-do-lists). … Read moreTime Managements Strategies @ UJ

Effective Reading Skills @ UJ

Effective Reading Skills @ UJ Before you start reading a text, think of the following: Why am I reading this text? What strategies am I going to apply when reading this text? What do I want to achieve by the end of this reading? Purposeful Reading Reading should be purposeful. The way you read a … Read moreEffective Reading Skills @ UJ

Wits Student Self Service 2019/2020

Welcome to the Student Self Service 2019/2020 Wits Student Self Service 2019/2020, Please note: The Student Self Service portal works best with the latest version of Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer. Applicants: Upload your supporting documents View your Academic Application and its Status. (This will inform you of the most recent decision made and will … Read moreWits Student Self Service 2019/2020

CPUT International Applicants 2019/2020

CPUT International Applicants for 2019/2020 Academic year CPUT International Applicants 2019/2020 With over 3 000 international students registered at CPUT annually, from more than 74 countries, speaking over 100 languages, CPUT is a thriving cosmopolitan centre for cultural, social and political exchange. International students at CPUT are supported by the Office of International Affairs. All … Read moreCPUT International Applicants 2019/2020