How To Calculate Your APS at University of Cape Town

How To Calculate Your APS at University of Cape Town

Calculate Your APS For University of Cape Town

One of the key point to know before sending off your application form to UCT is the APS calculation. Most students finds it difficult to calculate .

Remember APS calculator differs from every institution

What is APS? APS is an abbreviation for Admission Point Score.  In South Africa, universities use APS points as one of the tools to see if applicants qualify for their respective programmes. UCT has a unique APS calculation that applicants can use to work out their score.

How to calculate; To calculate your APS, you will need to add your six best subject percentages.  Please note that this does not include Life Orientation.

Applicants will need to meet the minimum APS or fall within the testing band in order to be considered for a specific program.  Generally, you get points for each matric subject you write an exam in.  The points you get for each course will depend on the percentage you score in that particular subject. The Admission Point Score (APS)  is the total points you receive from each course.

NB: meeting the bare minimum requirement is not always enough to get you into your desired degree programme, so study well to get the highest marks you can.

Don’t forget that some courses require you to submit other requirements (e.g. portfolio of work, audition of interview). It’s important for you to check with the faculty what they require from you.

Why do Universities use them?

Universities (and Universities of Technology) use APS scores for a few reasons. Mostly it’s for their own convenience. Thousands of people apply to universities every year and APS score requirements are a simple way of letting students know which courses they could qualify for.

UCT FPS and WPS Calculation

Here is a breakdown of UCT’s points calculation:

Each faculty at UCT has its own way of calculating the FPS and WPS, using the APS. You can find out more about this in UCT’s admission guidelines here. UCT also uses a Faculty Points Score (FPS), a Medical Points Score (MPS) and a Weighted Points Score (WPS) to assess your school performance.

Please Note: the WPS is only for South African applicants as it is a disadvantage factor.

You will be able to see how to calculate these scores below. Please make sure you check each faculty to calculate the right score.

Faculty of Commerce, Humanities and Law

In this faculty, the FPS and the APS are the same. You will be able to find an example of how to calculate this score below:

Commerce, Humanities and Law

Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment

In this faculty, your NBT score forms part of the FPS.  Check out the example below:

Faculty of Health Sciences (MBChB)

To calculate your FPS in this faculty, you will need to adjust your APS.  Please note that medical applicants will need to calculate their MedPS as part of the admission requirements.  South Africans, to calculate their WPS, you will need to adjust your FPS by a disadvantage factor – for this faculty, the factor is a range between 0% – 20%.  Take a look at the example below:



Faculty of Health Sciences (Rehabilitation)

Please note that qualifications in this faculty calculate an FPS out of 900.  Take a look at an example below:

Health Sciences (Rehab)

Faculty of Science

To calculate the FPS in the faculty of Science, you will need to double your scores for Maths and Science.  Check out the example below:

Faculty of Science APS

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